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Learn to hone your conversation skills in social situations.

"If your adult child asks your opinion about a romantic interest, think through your answer, and be careful with black-and-white responses." She suggests taking a Socratic approach and responding to their questions with a few of your own. " Parents need to decipher the often not-so-obvious reasoning behind the questions.

Is the child asking for approval or having second thoughts about the relationship?

As far as unsolicited advice, steer clear unless there's emotional or physical abuse involved. Otherwise, Aronsson says, "Our best learning comes from trial and error, and as much as we might want to prevent that in their relationships, we can't." But some advice — often universal truths — may be appreciated.

Weber, of Venice Beach, Calif., reached out to her Facebook followers to ask for the best relationship advice they have received from their parents. Quigley, a journalist and author, has written two books about motherhood and work.

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