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w=300" data-large-file=" w=1000" / Rechon “Leaky” Black won’t enroll at North Carolina until the summer of 2018, but he already is keeping an eye on his future, while balancing school and playing basketball for Montverde (Fla.) Academy.

He watches the Tar Heels when he can on his i Pad and stays in touch with future teammates such as Jalek Felton from Gray Collegiate (Columbia, S. “They’re definitely hard to beat this year,” Black said.

Caylin Newton has spent much of his formative years in the shadow of his older brother, former Auburn quarterback Cam Newton. So I can't be not owning who my brother is." Still, Caylin is trying to make a name for himself for the Bison after signing with the program in February.

Caylin is a decade younger than Cam, the former NFL MVP who stars for the Carolina Panthers, and has been compared to him at every stage of his childhood on the football field. "I'm trying to make my own path," Caylin recently told the Washington Post. While both he and Cam were standouts at their Atlanta While both were standouts at Atlanta area high schools, Cam has 6 inches on his little brother and was a far more coveted prospect.

His family is still in Concord and he has to schedule Face Time sessions with them to make sure he’s hearing from them every day.

But when he heads to college, he will be near his family. All the kids I grew up playing with, it was like a dream school for them,” said Black, who drew interest from Wake Forest, Clemson and Tennessee.

Amy Warnel, 18, Sherie Silver, 19 and Tina Geca, 20 got next-to-naked on the tourist hotspot Southend Beach in bikinis donning the English flag.

The girls are part of traveling dancer group that just wanted to show pride for their country.

“[Coach Kevin Boyle has] been telling me I’ve been getting better every game,” Black said recently at the Chicago Elite Classic.The pictures in the gallery should prove to be favored by all fans, no matter who you’re cheering for, however.Click on the numbered slideshow below and salute the Samba.It was set to be an engaging and professional but ultimately forgettable piece…until Cam was asked a few questions regarding race: This, of course, is the same Cam Newton who, just a few months ago, admitted that he (rightly) believes there’s a segment of fans who’ll always be uneasy with the thought of a Black quarterback. Between that and a few other examples — including an profile where he specifically asked to be photographed with a hoodie and a press conference where he provided a quite entertaining (and accurate!) analogy comparing his team’s success to grits and collard greens — it seemed as if Cam was poised to join the emerging cadre of “unapologeticially Black” young athletes and entertainers.

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