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When an unexpected sandstorm threatens the mission, Mark and the rest of the Ares 3 crew are ordered to evacuate, or face being stranded on the red planet indefinitely.

Debris from the storm interferes with Mark's spacesuit and his vital signs monitor stops working.

It looks like the "Birthday song" battle is OVER, after a federal judge ruled that Warner/Chappell Music does not have a valid claim to its lyrics.

That means the lyrics AND melody are now in the public domain.

Unlike the science-heavy scenes of Interstellar, The Martian keeps things simple and focuses on the human side of the story - and it isn't just Mark who is suffering.

His crewmates feel tremendous guilt at leaving a man behind, especially commander Jessica Chastain.

That's compared to just SEVENTY-five dollars and TEN hours a month by women. And finally, a new North American record for largest pumpkin was recently set in Wisconsin. But to kick off the program, let's say hello to Whitney St. She's inked and pierced all over and wasn't afraid to show it off in a handful of sex scenes with Daniel Craig. That's thanks to the amazing array of sexy talent, starting with Karen Hassan, who strips down to take a whippin' like the kinky not-so-noblewoman she secretly is. Vikings will definitely have you reaching for YOUR sword!

And Madison Banes is going Naked in the Streets for the Martian premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.But reports say that restaurants and bars that serve liquor may be allowed to designate specific areas inside or outdoors as marijuana-friendly. Thanks Angie, they certainly do things differently in Colorado, don't they? Okay, so we heard from Kat about The Martian, she gave it her nerd-SEAL of approval.Here's the question though: would you volunteer to go to Mars? As As Kat mentioned earlier, the Martian is landing in theaters this week.This is going to be a major hit and for good reason. It's followed by Harvard, with Stanford tied with the UK's Cambridge in third.In total, five of the top ten universities are American. Overall, eight hundred schools from eighty-two countries were studied for the ranking.

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