Dating a cop with kids

Good point on the other professions that impact on relationships as far as the availability of time.Regarding a prior post reference to Tony Soprano - I'd rather be with a cop than someone like him any day of the week. I'm a cop, my input: Some, but not all, are control freaks like you guys said. The schedule is rough (I work straight 12hr nights), and is not the best for relationships, but is no worse than nursing, lawyers, and so on.It took me a year to get rid of him, even though I moved in with a new boyfriend within that period of time. The other cop I dated was a drug addict, which thankfully I found out on the first date, so there wasn't a second one.I met him while he was walking his beat and I was waiting for a hotel shuttle. They can be sexy at first glance, but once you get down to the day to day of it, better just to idolize them from afar.After he married and had his first child, he decided that law enforcement was not appropriate for a family man so he went and got his MBA. After returning from a second tour, his career, and marriage are stable, and so are the 4 children. I can often spot cops out of uniform, just by the way they carry themselves. It's unfortunate to see generalizations made of a group of people due to their profession. I believe for people who cannot stand to be alone , a relationship with someone in Law Enforcement , Doctors, Self Emp people etc, would not be a good ballance.This high rate of divorce applies to any profession that is stressfull with long hours. CI agree, but unfortunately people make all manner of generalizations as a result of all manner of influences.

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One was such a control freak he actually stalked me after just two dates.The other reason is that certain personality types are drawn to the profession.Every cop I've ever liked has said the same thing, they love the job, but hate other cops.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... Then again, I pre-select for "decent guys", profession aside.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Cops have a higher than average rate of divorce for a variety of reasons. Shift work, mandatory OT, stress all impact marriages.

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