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you`re a great cock sucker" - - END - ==== ==== - Jessica`s Apartment = Jessica`s Apartment - [Dialog] - "Hello Jessica, nice to meet you. the game could be more forgiving as to the paths you need to take instead of leaving you in the dark the way it does. this is one of the worse v-date games i liked the ones befor this it was easier to move around and more to do..Tell me a bit about yourself" - [Dialog] - "One thing for sure, you are a very beautiful girl" - [Screen] - Kiss her cheek - (Jessica`s Face) [Dialog] - "Let`s just talk for a while" - [Dialog] - "So, what kind of stuff do you like ? oh well good grapics though and it was nice to see that there was`n so many bad options in beginning unlike the first v-date game.. I approached making the guide, as making the best experiences possible and following themes to a degree. This is my first attempt at making a walkthrough, so please be patient.Let me help you to relax - [Screen] - Kiss her - (Jessica`s Face) [Screen] - -= Continue =- - (Jessica`s Face) [Screen] - Suggest her to relax more - (Jessica`s Face) [Dialog] - "Sure, I was thinking about the same thing" - [Screen] - Lick her nipples - (Jessica`s Breasts) [Screen] - Fuck her from behind - (Jessica`s Breasts) [Screen] - Continue to fuck her - (Jessica`s Body) [Screen] - Continue to fuck her - (Jessica`s Body) [Screen] - -= Continue =- - (Jessica`s Body) [Screen] - Cum inside her - (Jessica`s Body) [Dialog] - "Jessica, that`s one heck of a fuck" - - END - ==== As has been pointed out before, this game is insanely hard without a walkthrough. This is a very difficult game because any small error completely derails the player from attaining the goal. I can get her to consider jacuzzi, but she says no swim suit, so no way.

" - [Dialog] - "Anything will do" - [Screen] - -= Continue =- - (Jessica) [Dialog] - "Sure" - [Screen] - Sneak into the other room - Right Side) [Screen] - Check the drawers - (Drawers) [Screen] - Take the dildo and go back to the living room - (Players Hand) [Dialog] - "Wow, you look so sexy on those" - [Dialog] - "Girl, you have an amazing body.(grin) - [Dialog] - - Too bad, I was hoping you would take them off - [Screen] - Watch the stripper - (Stripper) [Screen] - Watch the stripper - (Stripper) [Screen] - Finish watching - (Stripper) [Dialog] - "It`s hot in here. Shoot then" - [Dialog] - "Definitely romantic ones" - [Dialog] - "Next question please" - [Dialog] - "How about Sinatra ? Why don`t you be my model, I have a set right next door" - [Screen] - Goto the set - (Jessica) [Dialog] - "Just relax and sit on the couch" - [Dialog] - "Come on. You`ll be a great model" - [Dialog] - "I won`t say a thing" - [Screen] - Say Nothing - (Jessica) [Dialog] - "Just gorgeous. after out from her house go to the mall, excuse to the store buy lingerie, after that go to apartment, ask to play games, answer three question right, do the photo shoot, after she get naked, push her slowly at the couch, and you got it Hard game, but thats what makes it fun.Let`s have some drinks" - [Dialog] - "This place makes me a bit horny, how about you ? Absolutely gorgeous" - [Dialog] - "Well, you have to wonder no more" - [Screen] - Say Nothing - (Jessica) [Dialog] - "Yeah, you`re right" - [Screen] - Gently push her back on the couch - (Jessica) [Screen] - Fuck her - (Jessica) [Screen] - Fuck her - (Jessica) [Screen] - Cum on her - (Jessica`s Tummy) [Screen] - -= Continue =- - (Jessica`s Tummy) - END - ==== ==== - Jessica`s Apartment -= Jessica`s Apartment - [Dialog] - "Hello Jessica, nice to meet you. Transistion could be smoother, be better as a stand alone game system with flash built in like Jordan 500. Graphics are good but could be more sexier, more polished. for hotel room ending - intro, "damn you`re hot", kiss her cheek, choose to talk, talk about stuff she likes, like jazz, go to mid room with her, after she answers "well lots of stuff..." click on laptop, click arrow at the bottom of the lcd screen of the laptop for next picture, "great ass...", in the bedroom "i like it...", kiss her lips, "sorry, can`t help it...", choose beach, "gosh...", sit down, "tell me about yurself", offer to rub her back, rub ass, ask her to turn around, rub stomach, again, when you get back to her aprtment choose to go to city, wait for her to dress up, compliment her, "well, i think...", go to club, "you`re one hot babe", "great to know...", "let`s order...", drink 2x, "do you think waitress...", "cmon.Just show what you got" - [Dialog] - "What kind of things ?" - [Dialog] - "Ok, sure" - [Screen] - Approach and kiss her - (Jessica) [Dialog] - "Let`s go somewhere else" - [Dialog] - "Let hit the city" ??

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