Dating potentiometers

The following sites will help identify your color: - Gruhn Guitars of Nashville operates one of the most reputable, highly regarded and knowledgeable guitar appraisal services.An appraisal of a vintage collectible instrument by a recognized authority is indispensable should you ever need to file an insurance claim on the instrument.In the case of celebrity owned instruments a notarized signed statement and photo of the celebrity playing the instrument is far more desirable than the artist actually defacing the instrument by signing it.

I've tried it on two different basses of known manufacture date with dead-on accurate results.However over the past few years "actual value" was bringing a smaller percentage of the appraisal value than three or four years ago when the economy was better.Vintage instruments are again beginning to sell and the actual sale prices are starting to rise again.If only two terminals are used, one end and the wiper, it acts as a variable resistor or rheostat.The measuring instrument called a potentiometer is essentially a voltage divider used for measuring electric potential (voltage); the component is an implementation of the same principle, hence its name.

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