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Scann3D also offers a variety of advanced 3D scanning options, and export to 3D formats directly from the mobile app. Scandy was founded in 2014 in New Orleans, in the United States.

Scandy is a startup focusing on using 3D scanning to make it easier to 3D print full-color versions of objects or landscape.

We found five 3D scanning apps currently available and in active development: three do not require any additional hardware, while two of these apps must be used with a sensor (such as the Structure Sensor which can be purchased for under 0 on Amazon) which must be mounted on the smartphone/tablet.

Check out our list of the best 3D scanning mobile apps and let us know if you’ve tried some of them in the comments section!

There are only a few models of 3D scanners designed with entry-level users in mind.

Spotting an opportunity, a few companies have taken a radical approach and decided to bring 3D scanning to the masse by turning smartphones into 3D scanners with their 3D scanning mobile apps.

We have listed in the article below the five best (and free! 3D scanning is one of the three ways to get a 3D model, which can then be modified and 3D printed (the other two ways are downloading a 3D model or creating it from scratch using a 3D design software).

3D scanning also sounds quite intuitive and “easy”: the user would simply need to scan the desired object in 3D using a device.

Sure, advanced users have long known how to leverage 3D scanning for professional applications such as reverse engineering or metrology.Trnio is a 3D scanning app which was started in 2013, with the goal to “convert your photos into 3D models”.This simple and free 3D scanning app was created by Jan-Michael Tressler and turns basically any i Phone into a 3D scanner.123D Catch was for a while the most famous 3D scanning mobile app available on the market.It belonged to 3D software giant Autodesk as part of the 123D app suite.

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