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On 9 August 2011, the Federal Justice of Minas Gerais blocked the distribution of A Serbian Film, a 2010 Serbian horror film, in Brazil.This was the first time a movie was banned in Brazil since the promulgation of the 1988 Constitution.

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The independent media are active and express a wide variety of views with no restriction, but nongovernmental criminal elements continue to subject journalists to violence because of their professional activities.The current legislation restricts freedom of expression concerning racism (Paim Law) In 1986, during Brazil's military dictatorship, the federal government banned Jean-Luc Godard's 1985 film Hail Mary, claiming that it was an insult to the Christian faith (although the State was officially secular).In 1994, just a day before the premiere of the British documentary Beyond Citizen Kane at the Rio de Janeiro Modern Art Museum, the Military Police confiscated the copy of the film, obeying a court warrant.The film takes a critical approach towards the establishment of Rede Globo, the largest television broadcaster in the country, explaining its ties to the military dictatorship. Paulo reported that Rede Record bought the broadcasting rights to the documentary.This happened after a series of mutual attacks between Globo and Rede Record because of an investigation conducted by the Public Ministry against.

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