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I prefer to search for apps so I’ll probably never use this browsing method for the Start Menu, but it’s nice to have and it makes more sense in my opinion.

The Start Menu still has the ability to pin apps as tiles, but one big change is the addition of “chase-able live tiles”.

Accessing it is as easy as tapping a button in the system tray. The Windows Ink platform is available to third-party developers!

A number of apps in the Windows Store already support it, including Fluid Math, Bamboo Paper, and Docu Sign (for electronic signatures).

If you thought Cortana was useless before and therefore never used your digital assistant, you may want to start in the Anniversary Update.

For starters, Cortana is now available right on the lock screen so you can interact with her without having to unlock your computer or smartphone — mostly useful for laptop users and Windows Mobile users.

After installing Cortana on your Android phone, you can enable syncing to see call notifications, text messages, battery alerts, and app notifications on Windows. Speaking of notifications, another immediately-obvious change is the addition of badges for Universal Windows Platform apps in the Taskbar.

Since then, tabs have popped up in almost every realm related to user interfaces. The first thing you’ll notice upon updating to the Annivesary Update is that the Start Menu now opens directly to a list of installed apps, similar to how it was back in Windows XP.

Prior to the Anniversary Update, if you had a live tile with real-time information (such as a ticker of news stories), clicking on the tile would only take you to the app. The first immediate change to the Action Center in Windows 10 is the addition of a notifications icon directly in the system tray.

Now, a chase-able live tile takes you directly to the news story. Now you can see how many unread notifications you have at all times.

We’re quite happy with them and we think you will be, too.

Back in the days of Windows XP and before, your operating system’s license was tied to a single activation key.

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