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I like to explore my kinky side both verbally and physically, but she will not indulge my desires. This period was easily the best time of our relationship sexually.

It's part and parcel to being out about My passion for and experience with BDSM that people who like to discuss sex, kinks, and fetishes...Immagine being told to "get on your knees before your masters" when we got there. I am into having t-girls.sissyboys, Doms and Mistress as friends so to me a lot of them I don't consider freaky..don't think some are freakky but some of the other ones well I doubt their sanity and what they do seems like I do draw unusal acquintances and..."Talking to a Freaky Friend" and "Talking Freaky to a Friend".I'm self employed, well educated, strong personality athletic and good looking, I'm on my 30's and all my friends talk very high about me, but for some reason I'm totally obsessed with the guy I'm dating because he is the only man who has never said "you are beautiful... i have had alot of sex (not with different partners but with girlfreinds etc...i have done my experimenting and have more insight than alot of people give me credit for. so she makes me put this device on every weekend that she works, I have to put it on friday night, and she locks it and keeps the key. About a year ago, I met two men at a bar who were looking for a peice of ***.I thought that when I went to their home that two men doing me would be fantastic.

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