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Under both demise and time charters, the charterer pays "charter hire" for the use of the ship at a specified daily or monthly rate.

In the absence of express authority, a ship's husband usually is powerless to bind the co-owners for money borrowed on the account of the vessel.

Most shipowners carry hull insurance on their ships and protect themselves against claims by third parties by purchasing "protection and indemnity" insurance.

Cargo is usually insured against the perils of the sea, which are defined as natural accidents peculiar to the sea.

The area of maritime law that is concerned with ships and the individuals employed in or around them, as well as the shipment of goods by merchant vessels. Much of the Commercial Law surrounding transportation of goods by ship involves contractual agreements between the shipowner and the party wishing to ship the goods. Because of the higher labor costs associated with employing U. personnel, many ships are registered in other countries to avoid this labor requirement.

shipping law is a complex body of customs, legislation, international treaties, and court decisions dealing with the rights and responsibilities of ownership and operation of vessels that travel on the high seas.

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