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Now, when can we move in together, have babies and get married?

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It sounds as if you already have the emotional intimacy and it's this that is so important in any long-term relationship.

But, at this stage, I think he should probably say no.

There are, after all, more attractive ways to seduce people than to say: "Let's have sex - it won't mean anything," which, even to a man, is surely a fairly bleak and mechanical prospect. And love usually plays a greater part in their enjoyment of sex than some men would like to admit.

READERS' SUGGESTIONS It certainly worked for us I don't usually write to newspapers, but after reading about Max's dilemma it struck such a chord that I felt I had to.

I too was in such a predicament (a rather pleasant predicament) in that I was 28, a single man, had been engaged and had a close female friend who wanted more than just a friendship.

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