Muslim dating china

Jinwang also keeps a copy of Weibo and We Chat records, as well as a record of IMEI numbers, SIM card data and Wifi login data. This move is the latest in digital surveillance in Urumqi.

In March, government workers were asked to sign an agreement have "terrorist-related" media content, while the police sprung a surprise spot check on a group of nursing students.

"The authorities have a lot of explaining to do about this software, including what it does," she added.and the emergence of independent Muslim states in Central Asia, but Beijing suppressed demonstrations and activists went underground.Many say that ethnic tensions caused by economic and cultural factors are the root cause of the recent violence.Major development projects brought prosperity to Xinjiang's big cities, attracting young and technically qualified Han Chinese from eastern provinces.But it was said they were given the best jobs and the majority do well economically, something that has fuelled resentment among Uighurs.

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