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The United Kingdom lies between latitudes 49° to 61° N, and longitudes 9° W to 2° E.

Northern Ireland shares a 224-mile (360 km) land boundary with the Republic of Ireland.

Did you know Google can make your blog disappear from its search results? I could still access it by typing in the URL, but the steady stream of search traffic stopped. Knowing what I know now, I totally deserved it, but at the time, I felt like a mugging victim. That’s why it’s so important to learn what the rules are. Every year or two, they also roll out major updates that cause huge shifts in search engine rankings for nearly everyone on the web. If you’re not familiar with the term “anchor text,” it refers to the text inside of a link.

One day, you’re getting a nice little trickle of traffic to a few of your posts. I’d just spent three months and hundreds of hours writing sixtysomething articles on real estate investing, but Google erased all that effort in a heartbeat. Well, I can’t know for sure, but it was probably because I was paying guys in the Philippines to submit my site to a bunch of shoddy link directories. So, the anchor text in this sentence is “anchor text.” When Google is deciding what terms to rank your pages for, the anchor text is one of the places it looks for clues.

The country occupies the major part of the British Isles archipelago and includes the island of Great Britain, the northeastern one-sixth of the island of Ireland and some smaller surrounding islands.

It lies between the North Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea with the south-east coast coming within 22 miles (35 km) of the coast of northern France, from which it is separated by the English Channel.

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Over time, pretty much all bloggers will accumulate some links that no longer work.

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