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(They haven't actually quit smoking, say, or lost that last five pounds, but it's definitely going to happen.) "We have to say who we are on this static, thin slice of information," he says.

BEIJING • China has taken steps to clean up the online dating scene, with the issuance of guidelines governing dating websites.

"It's a common need of young adults and a big issue in life to fall in love and get married," the guidelines said.

"The work related to young adults' love and marriage not only will affect their healthy development but is also related to social stability and harmony." Vowing to promote trustworthy matchmaking services that will meet the diversified needs of young adults by mobilising non-governmental bodies and social forces, the guidelines also said "there should be more channels for them to voice their needs and comment" on matchmaking services.

Government bodies will coordinate to promote real-name registrations and authentication on dating sites and crack down on marital fraud and other crimes related to matchmaking services, according to the guidelines issued by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of China (CYL), the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and the National Health and Family Planning Commission.

Mr Su wrote that his wife's character changed after they got married, and they divorced on July 18 after Mr Su agreed to give her a villa in Hainan province and 10 million yuan (S million) she demanded for mental distress.When he wrote that he was 6 feet tall, what he really meant was 5-foot-10 -- give or take an inch.She said she weighed 125 pounds, and she probably did, but that was back in high school.Hancock also found that women were more likely to use professional photos that often had some gauzy "dressing up." In a third study, they analyzed the text of dating profiles for patterns among those who lied most frequently.As happens in verbal communication, habitual liars used the words "I" and "me" less often than usual, subconsciously distancing themselves from the fabrication.

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