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Senecal says that it’s incredibly important to figure out, beforehand, what your ideal relationship would look like. "These details may change and evolve as time goes on, but it's necessary to have at least some specifications and ideas on what you want.RELATED: 7 Ways To Have An Open Relationship Without Killing Your Marriage 2. If you are searching for a lifestyle that works for you, and your ideal happens to involve more than one partner in a relationship, then that's great. When you have feelings for somebody, it's difficult not to get a little stressed out when he or she is flirting with another person.Beth, 40, of Baltimore, takes issue with that idea."It bothers me when people say someone will get over being polyamorous when they meet, like, a 'special someone,'" she explains.Our generation's experience with casual dating and hookup culture is translating into an interest in non-exclusive relationships of many stripes, and modern daters are exploring their options in droves.As more of us dip our toes in those waters, the cultural stigma long associated with non-monogamy is beginning to shift.

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She remembers telling her then-boyfriend when she was 25 that she wanted to hook up with others."I've always been non-monogamous — it's an indisputable part of my identity, like being queer."Another myth about non-monogamy is that it’s the easy way out, and that its participants are promiscuous and careless.As Dan Savage writes, “People assume that all non-monogamous relationships are destined to fail.As actress Emma Thompson opined in a 2013 interview with Mumsnet, “I do think that monogamy is an odd state, and actually I think it's an odd state for women.”, Showtime’s sexy reality program about polyamorous couples and families who consensually maintain multiple relationships at the same time.Even OKCupid began offering members the option to indicate whether they’re looking for a strictly or "slightly" monogamous relationship.

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