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At around the same time, Dagon reemerged under Lucifer's command, protecting his unborn Nephilim son, Jack, until his birth in exchange for a place at Lucifer's side and raising his son as a force of destruction.She was instead killed when the child gave Castiel its power to destroy her in flames.A true believer in Lucifer's 'Master Plan.' But the rest of us? ensured that Lucifer's master plan of escaping his Cage would come to fruition.

I could no longer find this series anywhere on the internet — it now only exists in printed form — so, because I was really proud of it and wanted to honor Michael's life and celebrate David's success, I thought I'd give the stories a new home here.Mary's Convent in Ilchester, Maryland, and he used it to make contact with Lucifer after possessing the priest, sacrificing eight nuns, and using the head nun as a mouthpiece for Lucifer to communicate with him.Azazel told Lucifer about how he never stopped searching for him, stating how the other Princes had lost faith and calling them "dickless heathens." It was there where Lucifer told him to release Lilith who was "trapped neck deep in the pit" at the time so she can break the 66 Seals and to find him a very special child to do so.Currently, Asmodeus is the only living Prince of Hell.Upon Lucifer's disappearance into the Apocalypse World, Asmodeus comes out of hiding to take control of Hell until such time as Lucifer returns with his son.

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