Sedating cats for air travel who is dawn richards dating 2016

An airline will require a health certificate for the cat, issued within 10 days of departure; a car trip requires a certificate from within 30 days.

Select a carrier that is well-ventilated and big enough for your cat to get up, move around in and stretch.

(It's better for the cat to be near you.) Ask about limits on how many animals one person can bring, what kind of carrier you need, medical requirements and costs. Transfers from one airplane to the next, or workers making noise while handling baggage can stress your animal even more. A hot southern sun won't be the best environment for a cat in cargo hold during summer — the same goes for those areas with subzero temperatures in winter.

Write on the carrier in dark marker your name and destination address, along with "Live animal" and arrows pointing which way the carrier should sit to be upright.

A skittish feline on a long car or airplane ride can make your travels more stressful during and after arrival.

The ASPCA recommends sticking to your cat's routine while traveling — from feeding schedules to bathroom breaks or playtime. Ask about diseases prevalent there, vaccination requirements (especially overseas), what weather is like and if any of these things will affect your cat.

Pack your cat's tags and medical and vaccination records.

Your next step should be to schedule a visit to the veterinarian.

You will also need these when boarding an airplane. Hotels that accept cats are less plentiful than those allowing dogs.

Search hotel websites, call area pet shelters or visit animal-oriented associations to find cat-friendly locations.

This will ensure your cat is in good enough health to travel and is current on all necessary vaccinations.

This is a good time to get an up to date copy of your pet's health records to bring along on your trip.

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