Tips for dating a gamer

Constructing A Profile- The first step in using an online dating service is creating a profile that says who you are.Not too much about you, keep that massive horde of figurines hidden away until they’ve gotten a sense of who you are.You could spend hours, days, months waiting for something to bite, and when you do, you might just end up catching a minnow when you wanted a trout.Online dating, regardless of the platform, is a waiting game.Get Ready For Rejection- It doesn't matter if you are in the heart of NYC or rural somewhere land, there will be a ton of competition.

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Dating has evolved since your parents first took each to the Sadie Hawkin’s dance at their local high school.

It’s a learning process for everyone involved and it’s not that serious.

If someone doesn't message you back, it’s not the end of the world.

Just enough so that you look unique without looking too desperate or creepy.

Finding that balance is extremely hard and you will fail a lot before you succeed.

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