Updating fedora 9 to 10

I would suggest you back-up any data you want to save, create a LIve CD, and use the install to hardware feature of the CD to build a new system. F14 is long gone now so "update" is not going to find the repository.

It might be responsible to point out this one particular warning so you can make a more informed decision before getting that far and regretting it. You should seriously consider stopping now and just using anaconda via.

Or you can install the f21 released dvds which are Workstation or Server, or you could download the netinstall cd and do a netinstall which will set up a current upgraded system by downloading.

There's other enhanced versions based on fedora which include software, mainly media playing programs, which are also fedora compatible such as Korora and Chapeau.

Fedora 17 There is a general warning about upgrading via. DVD or preupgrade, unlike all previous releases it's what the yum/rpm developers recommend. I am trying to install Fedora 22 on my Acer Aspire 1, which has a SSD and no hard Drive. If /home is on a separate partition, you can reuse it without reformatting.

I have a USB optical drive and so I bought the Fedora 22 DVD from Linux Shops and have tried to install it, but without success. When you're prompted to create a user, use the same username you did before.

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