Updating to build

If you have issues here, its okay, remember the 4 digit pin, and you can restart Kodi and go back into Ares Wizard if issues occur. A popup message will ask you if you want to save the skin profile for backup, you can say yes or no, typically just say no as you can just repeat these steps to reinstall a build.Once you have your 4 digit pin, click on Enter Pin. Hover down to Pulse CCM - make sure thats the one your in. (you can also do Fresh Start) Install overwrites your current installation. Then finally, it will tell you that you need to restart Kodi, just hit Okay. Next time you go back into Kodi it will have the newest build version loaded. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Be sure that once you've done an update to a build, the next time you go into Kodi, let it sit for 3-5 minutes to allow it to install all the programming updates.(sometimes there is more than 1 Pulse CCM link - it may have Backup Link 1, Backup Link 2, etc. Fresh Start removes ALL builds but keeps Ares Wizard, so you would do Fresh Start, then go back into Ares Wizard and Install the build the 2nd time. Also note, if your screen turns black, let it sit for 1-2 minutes and it should return to normal.This can happen on certain boxes when its got a ton of updates to do at once.In the event the Ares Wizard program doesn't start up after a couple minutes, restart your android box and try again.Sometimes the program doesn't open if there are active downloads happening of other programs.

The one we'll be updating and the one we put on is called Pulse. Here are the most known builds in the Android box world. A popup window will appear and have the options Get Pin, Enter Pin, Cancel and maybe even Install Chrome (depending on your box). (clicking on this will open up the internet web browser)Remember the 4 digit pin it shows you, and click back to go back into Ares Wizard.If you are a follower of Brian Harry’s blog you will see references (from time to time) to sprint numbers as he blogs about specific releases.As of the time of the writing of this post the latest released sprint was 85.We expect the same principles to hold for phones as well as PCs, but the first step for us was to get partition stitching done so that we could unlock a much larger set of phones for you to use for Windows 10 technical previews.One of the many improvements with the new version of Team Foundation Build is the ability for the build agents to self-update.

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