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One points to the O'Shaughnessy Dam and High Street, the other to Columbus and Delaware-cities 17 and 11 miles away, respectively.

But your destination on this day is much closer: one-third of a mile down the road.

The women are also moved, Williamson says, to keep fresh faces in front of customers and make sure the women remain ignorant of U. The victims and their captors are also often from the same ethnic group or might know each other's families, so the threat of violence against relatives at home also looms.

The victim's family can be blacklisted by their captors, thus ruining any chance other family members might have of getting assistance to flee their home country.

You heard about this particular place from fellow mongers in an Internet chat room dedicated to this interest.

"When you have a hidden, underground group of people, you can't definitively say," Williamson says.

Less than a mile from quaint downtown Powell, the women were living in a storefront massage parlor. They bathed there, cooked there and slept on massage tables that by day were used for men who expected more than a shoulder rub.

As the January bust that shuttered Amsun Spa and others showed, Asian massage parlors are more than tasteless punch lines.

The same day, federal agents raided three other massage parlors in Central Ohio, also believed to be connected, but details of those raids have not been made public.

Federal agents are investigating the spas' possible role in trafficking people and money between states and internationally.

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